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  1. The history how Japan Sea was formed –“Wajima”, 1:200,000 Quadrangle Geological Map (second edition)–

    [posted on October 9, 2019]

  2. AIST contributed to the establishment of JIS standard to evaluate the property of clay resource “bentonite” -Revision of spot method and new establishment of colorimetric method-

    [posted on September 20, 2019]

  3. Publication of a detailed geological map showing the geological history of Lake Towada (Towada Ko) –“Towada Ko”, 1:50,000 Quadrangle Geological Map of the Aomori-Akita prefectural border–

    [posted on September 10, 2019]

  4. Publication of geological map showing all components of a subduction zone -“Motoyama”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map in the Shikoku Mountains -

    [posted on August 8, 2019]

  5. Visualizing the installation potential for ground source heat pump systems in the Osaka Plain-For the urban development utilizing groundwater resource-

    [posted on July 23, 2019]

  6. Digital hydrogeological maps on the internet-Easy access to groundwater information-

    [posted on June 26, 2019]

  7. Deep sea reveals linkage between earthquake and carbon cycle (Joint research with the University of Innsbruck, JAMSTEC,The City University of New York, MARUM, and ETH Zurich)

    [posted on April 5, 2019]

  8. The Precursory Process at the Sakurajima Volcano Common in the Past Three Plinian Eruptions - magma spews out from considerably shallower vent -

    [posted on April 2, 2019]

  9. The potential role of temperate Japanese regions as refugia for the coral Acropora hyacinthus in the face of climate change
    Joint research by Akira Iguchi (Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation, Geological Survey of Japan) with University of Miyazaki, JAMSTEC, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

    [posted on March 26, 2019]

  10. New technique to utilize an untapped mineral resource “green saprolite” - For stable supply of ceramic raw materials -

    [posted on March 20, 2019]

  11. New technology utilizing artificial intelligence has been established for accurate identification and sampling of microfossils - Enabling high-speed automatic analysis of geological strata -

    [posted on March 4, 2019]


Recent publication

  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. KAZUSA-OHARA
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:200,000. WAJIMA (2nd ed.)
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. TOWADA KO
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. MOTOYAMA
  • Thermal Data Collection in and around Japan
  • Water Environment Map No. 5 Tsukushi Plain (2nd ed.), No.10 Yufutsu Plain, No.11 Osaka Plain
  • S-6. Seamless Geoinformation of Coastal Zone "Eastern Coastal Zone of Boso Peninsula"
  • Marine Geology Map No.90 (CD) Marine Geology Map of The Vicinity of Southern Okinawa-Jima Island

Catalogue of Geological Maps and Purchase guide